How to go to Sweden Інформація для українців
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Refugee Help Sweden

We will help you no matter what.


We are a small group of volunteers in Sweden who have been moved by the plight of the Ukrainian people and are helping in any way we are able.

We currently have buses and drivers donating their time so we can bring some refugees to Sweden from the Polish/Ukrainian border, and truck drivers willing to follow us down with supplies. If we succeed in covering the costs of this journey we will work on providing further support to the Ukrainians who arrive, but the transportation is our primary focus for now.

We are strictly voluntary and any proceeds will go directly to financing this trip. Currently our biggests expenses are petrol and other fees for the trips, as well as supplies for food and other necessities.

Please donate if you can, even if it's not much. The people of Ukraine are suffering immensely and we feel we must do everything we can to bring them relief. Thank you for your consideration.

How can i help?

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Donate here please

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Host a family.

All our families are pre cheked so they dont have a historie that would in danger our refugees.
Please sign up if you have place and a possibilty to host a family

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Follow  our buses and work. From the Ukraine border to the refugees in Sweden

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Can you pay a bus?

or just want to help out?please contact us here

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